Osteopathic consultation 70€


Home & Yacht call out Osteopathic Consultation 220€

We are available for home and yacht call out treatments.  We charge 220€ for a local call out visit and treatment, however additional persons treated at the same address will then be charged 80€ per person.  Rates for non local call out treatments will be based on time & travel distance, please ask us for the fee when booking.

Payment can be made by check or cash, credit cards are not accepted.

Osteopathic treatment is not covered by the social security however most Mutuelles and International Insurances reimburse all or part of the osteopathic treatment by providing a receipt of a recognized practitioner.  We will provide you a receipt upon your request.

A full list of mutuelles companies providing reimbursement for osteopathy can be found at: Registre des Ostéopathe de France (

English speaking Osteopathic Clinic Nice – Roquefort les Pins 

Location, opening hours and how to contact us

The English speaking osteopathic clinics in Nice and Roquefort les Pins are opened from Monday to Friday from 8am-8pm, on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.  Emergencies are usually taken on the same day and home visit are also available.

For an appointment call Katie D’AGOSTINO, Osteopath D.O. MROF on 06 60 51 23 42 or email

English, French, Italian and Spanish spoken


Osteopathic Clinic Nice

22 Rue Marechal Joffre, 06000 Nice

Osteopathic Clinic Roquefort les Pins

1157 Route de Notre Dame, 06330 Roquefort les Pins

“Life is movement. Osteopathy helps to restore body movement and function, to reduce pain and improve your quality of life.”